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Freshen up your place with our variety of aromatic collection of Floral Incense Sticks,  Perfumed Incense Sticks and Agarbatti...

About Us

In India, incense sticks are considered as an essential part of daily life for the people who follow their religious practices with devotion. Having a population that is religious and incorporate these sticks in almost every traditional ritual, festivals and daily prayers; the demand for the same has always stayed high in the marketplace. While searching for incense, one looks for the perfect aroma that not only pleases the senses but mind and soul. Unfortunately, not many focus on delivering the quality for which most of the people has to settle for the less; but, not any more, if they choose our brand. As a manufacturer, Sri Sujatha Sugandhalaya comes up with a collection of Floral Incense Sticks and Agarbatti that not only possess mesmerizing fragrance but ensures that it renders minimum carbon footprint. The array consists of Mogra Agarbatti, Chandan Incense Stick, Perfumed Incense Sticks, Omkar Dhoop Bathi, Omkar Sai Flora Batti and many more. that are appreciated in the market for their low smoke emission. Moreover, this range we bring forth is highly preferred when compared to the other brands owing to their several unique features like:-

  • Durable emission
  • Toxin free composition
  • High reluctance to damage from moisture
  • Diffuses organic aroma that is long lasting

How We Deliver Unbeatable Quality?

For our brand, quality is the prime most concern, to maintain a high level of quality of our premium offerings, we incorporate a hand-picked collection of aromatic plants. The essential oils are used to add pleasant and non-harming fragrance to our floral incense sticks range. These oils are carefully added in the correct consistency and amount that renders neither light nor strong, but right amount of aroma to lighten up the mood. For the assurance of our range's unbeatable quality, we conduct several quality inspection tests on our finished offerings. During this process, we try to detect and eliminate defected articles prior to their packaging. After this, we make sure that our fine quality incense collection is packed with perfection in air tight packaging to protect it from damages.

Our Market Experience

Leveraging upon our experience of 23 years in the domain, we have mustered up a huge customer base for our brand in the marketplace. This experience has taught us the importance of customers' satisfaction and have made us learnt about the ways it can be attained. Owing to the same, we have understood that delivery of quality products is not enough and one needs to provide complete help to clients by offering customer services so that our aim of client satisfaction can be easily achieved. We plan to continue this journey for innumerable years to come while modifying and diversifying our collection for the betterment of our people.